Cervelo S5 Celebration Frameset


Cervélo has one clear goal: Make riders faster.

Since 1995, Cervélo has engineered innovative road
and triathlon/time trial bikes. Whether you are a pro in the Tour de France,
are taking on your first full distance triathlon, or simply enjoy riding on the
weekends, Cervelo applies engineering, ambition, and passion to make a
bike that is better for you.

And though engineering excellence is their weapon of
choice, they don't let math get in the way of a bit of fun, either.

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Focus is a German brand driven by a mission to unite people through cycling. They craft products that are not only functional but also thrilling, catering to a broad audience while paying close attention to individual needs. Their guiding principle is a promise: with Focus, you'll never ride alone.

All Focus bikes are meticulously developed in Stuttgart, Germany, a place where the passion for biking pulses through the veins of every employee. Here, being an avid cyclist is a prerequisite, ensuring that each prototype is tested and refined in the very environment that inspires their creation. This hands-on approach guarantees that every bike from Focus meets the highest standards of performance and enjoyment.

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Kalkhoff ignites the passion for movement, whether it's the daily commute, gathering with friends, or embarking on the next great adventure. Their eBikes offer the liberty to explore uncharted paths and distant horizons, effortlessly bridging the gap between urban expeditions and wilderness adventures. With Kalkhoff, every journey is within reach, promising an eBike that rises to every occasion.

As cities evolve and more individuals embrace cycling as a means of independent, stress-free, and eco-friendly transportation, Kalkhoff stands at the forefront of this transformation. Their mission is to sculpt the future of green mobility with eBikes that are not just about reaching destinations but are a joy to ride.

Since 1919, Kalkhoff has been propelling people forward, fueled by a love for adventure, the necessity of movement, a yearning for freedom, and a belief in a sustainable future together.

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