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Selle Repente Spyd 3.0 132mm - 165gr

Selle Repente Spyd 3.0 132mm - 165gr

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SPYD 3.0 - 132

Repente is constantly looking to improve its manufactured products through the introduction of new construction concepts and latest generation technologies and materials. 

One of the outcomes of this growth trend is our Spyd 3.0 - 132, a saddle aimed at cyclists who prefer a shell without anatomical opening.

Spyd is available in a 132 mm wide seat version. The channel designed to relieve perineal pressure is made into an iconic element of this new version: wider and running over the whole length of the saddle. A design that also meets the specific needs of women users.

Improved comfort is also achieved thanks to the thicker padding, better suited to body types for whom a wide-seat saddle is recommended.

In Spyd 3.0 - 132 the "Close fit" shaping of the rear support, typical of Repente saddles, has been maintained. Just like another member of the family, Prime, this saddle has sides shaped to allow maximum freedom for the hip joint, in order to ensure improved performance and a more stable position while pedalling.

The graphic pattern on the front, in glossy paint, also makes leg movement smoother by reducing any inner thigh chafing.

The structure of Spyd 3.0 - 132 is in carbon fibre-reinforced PA12 (LCF technology), the rail is in UD T700 carbon fibre, the padding in ultralight Eva, and the cover in water-based microfibre with anti-slip function. The saddle is equipped with an RLS system for replacing the cover only, in case of damage.

Spyd 3.0 - 132 is a rigid and lightweight saddle, characterised by an even seating surface, suitable for road use and MTB and gravel cycling.

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